“Eika” is preparing to blow up art bomb in Vilnius

DSC_0194Real estate developer Eika before the start of construction of a new business center in Vilnius, instead of having to demolish the abandoned building, decided to revive many years was standing ambulance station in Zalgirio Street.

“Our idea is to install a temporary art gallery in an abandoned building. This is a test of whether Lithuania is ready for the world famous art form? “- says Viktorija Orkine, Asset Management director at “EIKA”.

In recent years, global spread of temporary art workshop attracted particular public interest. This type of event that connects different economic, cultural and trade-minded representatives who wish to jointly develop and seek inspiration exploiting abandoned buildings as a creative space, has already been implemented in Tokyo, Paris and other cities. It is expected that Lithuanian artists and the public will not miss a unique opportunity.

“The main idea of the project is temporary art. This exposure will refine the art bomb which exploded when the building will be demolished, and in its place will rise 15,000 square meters of B+ class business center and residential apartment complex, “- says the company Eika spokeswoman.

Lithuania unprecedented creative competition are invited to attend free artists and artistic fields, students and all art lovers. The participants will have complete freedom to create and convert the building. The company Eika funded art installations, also visiting a gallery will be free of charge. It is planned that a temporary art gallery on Zalgiris street 135, Vilnius doors lead visitors already on 1 March