Efficient working place may save up to 50.000€ per year

02_naktisThe lowest working place price in the market

As a result of efficiently projected spaces in business center „135“, the lease price is going to be  approximately 15% lower than the average market lease price of A and B+ class offices. Currently the average working place price in Vilnius‘ A and B+ class business centers is 182€ whereas in business center „135“ it is going to be approximately 142€ per month.

It is planned that the lease price in the newly built business center will be 13€ per m2. After assessing the costs of humidity control system, the municipal taxes are predicted to be 1,5€ per m2.

„For example, a company, which employs 100 people, will be able to save up to 48.000€ every year. The saved money might be used to pay the office rent for up to 3 months, pay bonuses for employees or increase the productivity of employees by other means“, – says Viktorija Orkine, director of asset management at “EIKA”.

About EIKA group

Established in 1992 EIKA is one of the largest real estate developers and construction service providers in Lithuania. Companies of EIKA group: “Eika” is a real estate market leader, valued for the progress, innovativeness and reliability; “Eikos statyba” is one of the biggest construction companies in Lithuania with great experience in the construction and renovation of administrative, public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

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Viktorija Orkine
Director of Asset Management
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